Artists Ian Ross


Ian Ross’ style is known as “Hyperorganic,” a freestyle form of artistic expression whereby the repetitive forms and patterns suggest a hyperactive, hyper-real occurrence of organic shapes. His work highlights the juxtaposition of Marin County’s open spaces to San Francisco’s urban density and is a response to the strong, rousing energy evident in both places. Ross paints energy by reacting to something as simple a line or a color with continuing applications of paint and “without the burden of intention.” Explains Ross, “Energy may be our strongest sense, yet the least

In 2011, Ross, who has developed a large following in Silicon Valley, was invited to move his studio into an on-campus warehouse at the Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto. During his yearlong residency there, Ross painted four murals in Facebook’s offices and cafe, including a live mural during a 24-hour “Hackathon” that was filmed and used on MTV’s “Diary of Facebook.” He also curated the artwork in several of the communal spaces, regularly hosted employee guests at his in-house studio, and taught individual and group art classes at Facebook HQ. Ross has also commissioned live paintings and murals for Companies such as Google, Vendini, Alphaboost, AdRoll and Zimride, and in 2012 his work was featured on Randi Zuckerburg’s BRAVO reality show, “Start-Ups Silicon Valley.”


Ross, a third generation artist with a BFA in ceramics is a co-owner at the Ian Ross Gallery in San Francisco. The gallery is dedicated to freedom of expression through art and is an ever-changing space where artists can regularly be found painting – including Ross who has a personal studio onsite. The gallery showcases rotating exhibits, live paintings, and workshops for patrons and the community, in addition to evolving murals on the building’s exterior. The gallery is a strong supporter of philanthropy and regularly donates its space to charities for fundraising events, with a percentage of the proceeds from paintings sold during these events given back to the charity.

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