Artists Jeremiah Kille


Jeremiah Kille began his career as a custom surfboard builder in Santa Cruz, CA. While Jeremiah was building surfboards in his factory, artist Thomas Campbell – who’s often associated with California surf and skateboard culture – would come in and work on his own creative projects. Campbell and other artist that are closely knit to the surfboard culture quickly opened Jeremiah’s eyes to other forms and avenues of creativity. This was the inception of image making and painting for Jeremiah.

Jeremiah went on to receive a BFA from San Jose State in pictorial arts. Since attending San Jose State he has been creating art pieces in his studio full time. Much of his work is inspired by and investigates ideas of finality. His work employs a multitude of stylistic approaches, ranging
from loosely abstracted to highly rendered objects. These differing image styles are generally coexisting in a single piece, creating a juxtaposition of reality and surrealism.

Jeremiah is interested in creating visual contrast for his viewers through the use of color, tone, edge, and imagery. Jeremiah is known for his narrative work depicting disenfranchised circus elephants, as well as Spanish bullfighting.

artist_jeremiah5_150x150 artist_jeremiah1_150x150 artist_jeremiah2_150x150 artist_jeremiah3_150x150 artist_jeremiah4_150x150